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Registered Quantity Surveyor in Australia 

We are certified Quantity Surveyors offering cost management services to construction projects. We are proficient in residential & commercial  construction including fit out projects, as well as civil projects.

  • Project Cost Estimating

  • Quantity Survey Report

  • Building Defect Inspection

  • Due Diligence QS Report

  • Variation & Progress Claim Assessment

  • Bank's Cost Report 

  • Progress Claim Assessment

  • Strata Building Inspection & Defect Rectification Cost Advice

  • Expert advice in Cost dispute resolution

  • Insurance Valuation Report

  • Replacement Cost Assessment

  • NABERs Embodied Carbon Emission Report for DA submission

  • Cost Report for the Council DA submission

  • Risk Management - Cost Risk / Opportunities  Register

  • Client Side Project Management


Project Cost Estimating

  • Takeoff

  • Preparing BOQ

  • Project Cost Estimation

  • Insurance Valuation Report

  • Replacement Cost Assessment

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Building Inspection

  • Building Defect Inspection

  • Remedial & Rectification Advice

  • Expert Cost Advice


Variation & Progress Claim Assessment

  • Assessment of proposed variation & monthly progress claim

  • Claim approval with proper explanation & visual proof


Quantity Survey

  • Cost estimation

  • Contract administration

  • Value management

  • Cash flow design and follow up

  • Cost management

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Bank Cost Report

  • Cost Estimation

  • Bank First Report

  • Contractor's Claim Assessment


Strata Building Inspection, Strata Defect Rectification Costs Report

  • Building Inspection

  • Strata Defect Rectification Cost Report

  • Capital Investment Value Report


Council Cost Summary  Report  & Embodied Carbon Emission Report
for DA purpose

  • Elemental Cost Analysis

  • Council Cost Summary Report

  • Carbon Emission Report


Expert Witness Report

  • Expert cost advice to cost related dispute resolution

  • Impartial Cost Advice to the parties

Our Services


Why Choose QS Cost Engineer ?

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Our cost estimate is very accurate and competitive to market rate.

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Our turn over is quick, usually 3 - 5 days.

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Our fees are very reasonable.

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Having worked with many contractors & subcontractors, we have competitive market unit rate which gives us more accuracy in cost estimation.


We are registered quantity surveyor in Australia.

We are corporate member of Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors ( AIQS ).

Our reports are officially recognized everywhere in Australia.



Years Experience


Accuracy &


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Banks & 

Council Approved



QS Cost Engineer is very proficient and accurate in their jobs. I strongly recommend their service to contractors 

S. Hossain

Executive Director, Builden Group

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